Video Demos

Property Manager

    Video Tutorial Video Tutorial Description Time
1 How to Create a Portfolio Creating a portfolio is your first step to managing your property portfolios with Landlord Vision. Follow this tutorial to get started. 01:46
2 How to Create Your First Tenancy Once your first portfolio has been created, you can then go on to create your first tenancy. Watch this video to see just how quick it can be. 01:56
3 Creating Contacts This video will show you how to enter contacts into Landlord Vision. 01:47
4 How to Create a Property Entering properties onto Landlord Vision is quick and easy. Here we will show you how... 01:56
5 Adding Rooms to Properties This tutorial demonstrates how to set up individual rooms within a property. This feature is particularly useful for HMOs and Multi-Lets. 01:23
6 Recording Property Essentials If you are wondering where to keep a record of important property essentials, like refuse bin collection dates, this video will show you how and where. 01:40
7 How to Record Insurances Follow our example when recording insurances. 01:22
8 How to Record Safety Certificates Here we show you how and where to record safety certificates. 01:27
9 How to Record Utility Suppliers This step by step tutorial takes you through recording utility suppliers in Landlord Vision. 00:59
10 How to Schedule in Property Tasks Keeping on top of outstanding property tasks is important and this video shows you how to record them in Landlord Vision. 01:29
11 How to Upload Property Images Follow this example and upload property images to the Property Manager's 'Gallery'. 01:21
12 Managing Your Property Keys Here we show how Landlord Vision helps to make key management more efficient. 01:44