Video Demos

Tenant Manager

    Video Tutorial Video Tutorial Description Time
1 How to Create a Tenant To create a tenant in Landlord Vision, copy these easy to follow steps and start managing your tenants today. 01:21
2 Creating Tenancies & Payment Schedules Set up a tenant's tenancy and a payment schedule in one quick step. 02:42
3 How to Make a Payment This video will take you through how to record tenant payments in Landlord Vision. 01:16
4 How to Create a Tenancy Managed By a Letting Agent It is quite common for landlords to have some or all of their properties managed by letting agents. This video shows how to create 'letting agent' managed tenancies and track the agents' commission fees. 01:41
5 Recording Payments Made from Tenants to Letting Agents For where you have tenancies managed by letting agents, this video will take you through how to record payments made from the tenants to the agents. 01:24
6 How to Create an LHA Tenancy If you have tenancies where the rent is paid, or topped up, by a local housing authority, this tutorial shows you how to set them up in Landlord Vision. 02:08
7 Adding Tenant Charges Here we take you through creating tenant charges. 01:51
8 How to Add a Journal Entry Follow our example and keep a record of all correspondence between landlord and tenant. 01:19
9 How to Issue a Tenant Refund Here we take you through issuing a refund to your tenant, should the need arise. 02:11
10 Refunding Rent Overpayments This video demonstrates how to make a refund when a tenant overpays their rent and the difference is returned to them. 01:15
11 How to Issue a Tenant Credit Note This tutorial outlines how to issue a credit note to your tenant. 02:01
12 Manually Create Repeating Tenant Invoices Set up and manage your tenants' repeating invoices. 01:34
13 Creating Tenant Invoices Manually In this short video, we show you how to create tenant invoices manually. 01:28
14 Using the Mail Merge Upload your own documents into Landlord Vision's 'Mail Merge' feature with this tutorial. 01:54